G_F for helper

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G_F for helper

Post by G_F on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:14 pm




Why I want to be helper- first of all I have been helper on the server and everyone is nice and friendly and I like to interact with other people and see how everyone is and I like to make some more friends.
the server is amazing for map 1 and it is going to get better along the way also I can attract more people to the server form hcteams I am am also active Alot and just play Minecraft.
I will also help out the community and get rid off hackers.

about me- I am year 11 my last year of school and after that i will be on the server 24/7
I am 15 and i have been playing mine craft for 2 years now and i am familiar with Minecraft servers and all the commands

I hope to be Picked and help out the community and help everyone


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